10 Tips for Efficient Business Travel

Don’t let a business trip overwhelm you.

Between planning for presentations and meetings, following airline guidelines and packing your luggage, getting ready for a business trip can seem like a project of its own. Keep your workload to a minimum and maximize the time you have by using the following tips to help you pack, travel and enjoy your trip to the fullest.

business trip

1. Keep essentials packed at all times.

If you are on the go often, like Jonathan Spira, editorial director of Frequent Business Traveler, avoid forgetting crucial items such as toiletries and charging cables for electronics by keeping them in your travel bag at all times. You may have to replenish some of these items every couple of trips, but the less you have to worry about while preparing for a business trip, the better, Spira says.


2. Bring disposable items to save space later.

Including a couple end-of-life pieces like old T-shirts or socks in your travel bag serves two purposes: One, it can help you clean out your closet at home, and two, by discarding items before returning from your trip, you make more room in your bag. “You can’t necessarily do this on every trip if you travel a lot, but if [you] shed items along the way it makes room for anything you accumulate,” Spira says.

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